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Strictly Platonic  

Aggro vs Control

Hi, People complain that aggro is better than control.While I will not say that they are wrong, I think there may b somethink people overlook.First of an aggro deck should beat a control deck. Why?...

Clear comparison

Hi, People who still play pirate warrior in standard ranked are the kind of people who, if you were to ask them their opinions on a band, would reply with something along the lines of "Oh? Black Sa...

Twitch prime linked to wrong account

Hi, My twitch account was accidentally linked to the wrong Blizzard account. When I go in to disconnect the 2 accounts and reconnect it automatically connects to the wrong one. Does anyone know of ...

Why do heroes get bonus armor?

Hi, I've been wondering, what is the reason heroes get +5 armor on top of the enhanced ability? It seems a bit over the top for a casual player who doesn't have any heroes, but is it actually balan...

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